About Us

Clout media influencer marketing platform provides the enabling environment for brands and marketing influencers to connect. With the help of these elite influencers, struggling with productive customer engagement will be a thing of the past. Having been equipped with superb cutting-edge digital technology, we are poised to promote productive interaction between our clients and their customers. Our cloud-based services also help businesses engage targeted influencers.


Clout is a word that describes influence. You can spice up an activity with the right influence. You can also destroy the image of something if it is negatively influenced. With plenty research in the online marketing industry, it has been confirmed that brands that are positively influenced end up having more recognition in their respective niches. That is why influence marketing has turned out as a profitable trade in recent times.


But even at that, you don’t just come across reputable market influencers everywhere you look. You need to look in the right places before such objectives can be achieved. If you are looking to engage experienced market influencers that can provide you with the right marketing strategy, then clout media should be your next destination. At cloud media, we have all the digital capacity that will help you boost and fortify your brand by equipping your business with the right marketing mix. Clout media uses the best media technology to get your market influencing job done perfectly.


Our platform
Our platform presents you with the most dynamic means of getting your brands promoted by influencers. You can get your brand promoted manually or automatically. By promoting your brands automatically, your business brand gets to mastermind their campaign, decides on any influencer deemed suitable, and also get analytics for efficient data analysis.


But if you prefer to stick with the manual method, our team will be in charge of developing an effective marketing plan, choosing the right influencer and getting your business suitable analytics. Location demographic, age demographic, gender demographic, cost per engagement, cost per reach, comments, total engagement, shares, likes, total reach, and impressions are all components that make up our analytics.


Our vision
Our goal is to promote our clients’ brand by combining our creative intelligence with every available technology that can aid our brand-building capabilities. We have a knack for exploring newer and more innovative ways to promote every brand that comes our way. Plus, we want every brand to have their rightful place in the consumers’ community via channels like Instagram marketing.


Who we are
We are just a group of professionals who have taken a keen interest in marketing and branding. Our love for marketing has driven us to keep up with every new trend that develops in the market. We do not like to maintain the status quo when it comes to market trends. We prefer to introduce new twists to existing market trends, thereby helping our clients' brand to forge ahead of the competition.